Monday, July 25, 2011

Long time no blog

Its been quiet here, I know. School holidays hey? Do they do your head in too? Loved the routineless days, late nights, camping, trips, friends, family. Hated the early mornings (despite the late nights), the need for Constant Entertainment, and the time away from mangolime. I tell you, I have been yearning for some intimacy with just me and my sewing machine.

I managed to squeeze a bit of sewing in. Some customs:

A pair of pants for my little friend Luka's 2nd birthday. I adapted the pattern from MADE's flat front pants pattern - if you don't yet know her blog you must check it out. I used the last of my very precious Far Far Away unicorns fabric. Ach, the sacrifices....

The highlight of our holidays had to have bee a trip to Luna Park (Sydney) with my oldest. Just me and him. Quality time. Slightly vomitous (the rides, not the company). But the beauty of that place gets me. Especially Coney Island and its genuine olde-worlde charm.

Thinking about adopting that one for my blog header. A bit misleading though....

I'll be back soon with a heap of customs, a new creation that I am in love with, a possible exciting collaboration or two, and of course a stocking, At some point. Missed you! Hope your school holidays have not left you slightly insane.