Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fancy a nappy wallet? How about a tee?

So I promised I'd give some more details about my new stuff - I have expanded from just nappies, and I'm now stocking nappy wallets and applique tees, and I have a few more things in the works. While I love making nappies, variety is the spice of life, and I do have slight A.D.D in relation to sewing so I always need a few projects on the go.

I always remember in those early days of baby fog, trying desperately to get out of the house, lugging the most enormous bag of detritus. As the baby gets older (and the mumming gets easier), the bag seems to get smaller, and smaller. I also remember searching everywhere for my perfect nappy bag, and never quite hitting the mark. The truth was I just wanted to keep using my beautiful kara smith  bag, and somehow fit everything I needed inside there. And I realised I was not alone....enter the nappy wallet.

The nappy wallet fits inside your normal bag, and fits everything you need for a quick trip out, or a whole day out for an older bub. Mangolime nappy wallets are made of sturdy denim, which makes them the perfect  backdrop for all my designer fabrics. Each one is lined with a designer fabric and embellished with an applique and pocket of the same fabric, making them one of a kind. They easily fit 2 small cloth nappies, or 1 medium/large cloth nappy, or several disposables, as well as your wipes, cream and bags. They do up snugly with a velcro strap, and also feature a snap on strap so they can be attached to anything. I'm having lots of fun making these, and would love to hear what you think!

Here's what they look like packed up and ready to go:

The applique tees are also fun to make. At the moment I'm using certified organic tees, but I will also have some classic tees (and maybe some other apparel) in the future at a lower price. Each tee has a unique applique feature of designer fabric, fused and sewn on for extra durability. These look super cute either on their own or teamed with a mangolime nappy.

Both the tees and nappy wallets would be perfect for gifts. I have had lots of people who don't use cloth nappies (or any nappies!) wanting to buy something from my store for themselves or friends, and these both fit the bill.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yes! The stocking will indeed be in May!!

Thanks to the lovely Mr who has managed everything else, the mangolime stocking will be in May. To be precise, it will be at 8pm (CST) on Monday May 31st. All items are now up for previewing. There are two newby items in the mangolime repertoire that you will see - more on that soon!

Did I say I'd be stocking in May?

Why do I say these things? Worse still, why do I put them in print....and publish them...on the internet? Mad.

I am currently feeling very happy that this is one of those 31 day months and not the other sort. In which case I'd be stuffed. Pretty much everything is sewed, snapped, photographed....its now just the computery side of things I need to do. Doing it now...but just need to show you where its all happening:

Now, how to get from that ..... to this?

I'm working on it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thanks to the talented Kobie from Ollie Rose for mentioning me on her blog - I am completely in awe of her creations, her shop, how she works with her sister, and apparently she has a studio (studio-envy...). And I am over the moon to find a fellow WAHMer of her calibre living in Darwin.

The next stocking is coming along slowly - it will be a medium sized one for nappies but it will have some new items which I am really excited about. Clue: what's the point of a gorgeous mangolime nappy if you haven't got anything to carry it in?? Or match it with?? Lame, I know.

I wanted to take some photos of the chaos that is my sewing desk, but I am too tired after a day at Fred's Pass Rural Show, complete with woodchopping, terrified bunnies, dodgem cars and "FairyLost" (aka fairy floss). So instead, here is some of my latest inspiration (photo courtesy of the fabulous fabricworm): you may see some of these prints on little bums soon! (Minus the sunglasses. They don't do it for me.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anyone want a car?

There is 1 large blue cars nappy relisted on the site - its original buyer seems to have gone AWOL....these are always pretty popular so I don't reckon it'll be idling for long ha ha