Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One of those addictive facebook giveaway things

So mangolime over on facebook is a fun place to be! There'll be sneak previews, customers chatting about mangolimey-type stuff and fan pics. And to make it better, I'll be doing some giveaways and specials exclusive to mangolime facebook fans. Here is the first one: when we get to 100 fans, I'll do a giveaway to a random lucky duck. Maybe a nappy wallet.....maybe a t-shirt...maybe a nappy?? Let's see how I'm feeling. So if you're not already a fan, come on over.

In other news, I'm busily creating some little birthday kimonos for three special baby girls in my life. Will show you soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yet another lovebucket. . .

Here is another mangolime model. Spunky Kieds wearing his blue cars and demonstrating his yoga prowess. Keep 'em coming, I can't get enough!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

oh my darling Clementine

Here is lovely Clementine in her mangolime lotus nappy - aged almost 5 months.

Clem's mum says: "That is one of the really great things about the mango lime nappies, that the small size fits young babies. I have some other types of cloth nappies and they did not fit her well until just recently and are still a bit bulky. They really restricted her movement when she was trying to roll - but the mangolimes allowed her to roll. Hoorah for the trim design!"
mangolime - doing our bit for rolling babies!

growing some mangoes and limes over at facebook . . .

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook (Wastebook, Stalkbook). Is that the same for you? I love how you can find all those lost preschool friends, and the fly-on-the-wall eavesdrop aspect to it. But I don't really like the over-exposure and that niggling feeling that you can't quite keep up with it all....

Despite all that, I'm thinking that having a FB page is a good thing for mangolime, as it means that people can communicate with each other as well as me about their mangolime nappies, and show piccies and I can even have some special deals and competitions exclusively for FB. So come on over and "like" mangolime at Facebook. Thanks to all those who have already done so! (You can also just click on the facebook button in the right hand sidebar).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tea and a shop for the soul

If you are lucky enough to live in Darwin, or just passing through, there is a new teahouse just opened in Cavenagh St. It is at the back of Viva La Body, a beautiful shop selling handmade soap, jewellery, bags, and skirts to die for. I went there this morning with my dad and little A. We sipped exotic leafy tea from handpainted ceramic tea sets and little A was given a cup of water with rosewater ice cubes to drink (ie play with). Inside we admired the handmade driftwood furniture, smelled the soaps and almost splurged on a skirt made with vintage funky Sheridan fabric that will haunt me till my dying days. Soon they will have cakes too. What more could you want on a lovely Dry season day?