Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thanks to the talented Kobie from Ollie Rose for mentioning me on her blog - I am completely in awe of her creations, her shop, how she works with her sister, and apparently she has a studio (studio-envy...). And I am over the moon to find a fellow WAHMer of her calibre living in Darwin.

The next stocking is coming along slowly - it will be a medium sized one for nappies but it will have some new items which I am really excited about. Clue: what's the point of a gorgeous mangolime nappy if you haven't got anything to carry it in?? Or match it with?? Lame, I know.

I wanted to take some photos of the chaos that is my sewing desk, but I am too tired after a day at Fred's Pass Rural Show, complete with woodchopping, terrified bunnies, dodgem cars and "FairyLost" (aka fairy floss). So instead, here is some of my latest inspiration (photo courtesy of the fabulous fabricworm): you may see some of these prints on little bums soon! (Minus the sunglasses. They don't do it for me.)

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