Saturday, February 27, 2010

we'll never be the prime minister, but we're very crafty.

This is the sound conclusion my 5 year old came to one day after a long discussion about who the prime minister was and how to be one.

I am supposed to be making nappies right now. I have some fabulous pieces all cut out and ready to sew....

But I have been slightly distracted making this for our school fundraiser. The theme was arts and crafts.


  1. oh my lordy lord Annie! what a beautiful thing that is - how wrapt was the fundraising committee?? love your blog and your nappies online shop - you are truly incredible, lady! xx

  2. Thats is such a good idea anna. does Jarra have one for big school? the library bag for Poppy looks great, i hope she had/has a great birthday.
    its so great that MangoLime has been a hit! it looks fantastic!
    kate baggs