Saturday, March 6, 2010


I knew starting out in the nappy making business would be hard work and a long slog, and it is. BUT I didn't really factor in how much positive-lovely-stuff would come to me from doing this. Its not just the focussed me-time I get in the sewing zone, its not just the satisfaction of crafting up something from start to finish, its the full blown ego trip of all of this:
  • knowing that there are now many little legs toddling, crawling or just flopping around in their very own mangolime nappy, something that I made! That just feels so weird and wonderful to me. And that these little legs stretch from Arlington, Texas all the way to Tasmania!
  • hearing snippets of feedback around the well-trod mothers' circuits about mangolime, and all of it so positive!
  • beng told that I have converted at least 1 person to full-time cloth, someone who never wanted to use cloth before.....i feel very personally crusadey about that one!
  • Receiving these words:
    "They fit my man Henry really well, he's on the borderline for larges, but because of his long rise they are just really great on the tightest setting. They haven't wicked at all even going to town today and spending 1hr in the carseat. The tummy scoop is such a good idea, it let's him wear the nap instead of the nap wearing him. Even without pre-washing (oops wanted to show my stylish boy off in town) they lasted a good 3 hours, so I'm very impressed."
    "Thank you so much, it brightened up my day! It's absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud of your work. I can't wait to use it and then buy a few more LOL"
    "Anna - I love them! I've seen your blog... I'm itching for at least 3 of them!"

and most of all, seeing these little snippets of love:

Please send me photos of your mangolime babes in action!
Ok....I'm going back to the sewing machine now...thanks for indulging me.

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