Tuesday, October 5, 2010

going slightly potty

Now it may be weird to write about toilet training on what is really a blog about nappies (amongst other things) but we here at mangolime are going through a spot of it at the moment, and it is proving harder than I remember with Mr J. I seem to remember him announcing one day he wanted to use the toilet and wear 'big boy undies', and that was it (with the usual accidents now and then).

With Mr A its a bit of a different story. He says he wants to do it (which I know is the main reason to start), and he's pretty good with wees after much prompting, but the poos always end up dragging down his new undies (which, by the way, have fighter jets on them, not just planes but fighter jets, bought practically over my dead body but they were the only ones that fit. Meanwhile the girls' undies have stars and rainbows, but of course there are none in his size. I just hate not only that undies (undies?!) are gendered, but that they are gendered in such a girl = peace, boy = war and violence way.) Just saying.

He is, however, very chuffed about the whole thing, particularly the liberally dispensed treats upon potty successes, and the phone calls to the toilet training fairy to report on progress. And, despite the war-mongering design, the undies.

A: I have undies.
Me: Yes you do.
A: I look very comfy.

So....any tips on toilet training greatly appreciated over here!

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