Monday, December 6, 2010

Local crafts rule

I love Darwin - I love its personality, culture and sweaty nature. But as a crafty blogger it can sometimes feel really really far away from all the bloggy crafty down south action and funky independent fabric shops. And that's why it was such a treat to meet Bianca Jae at the Mararra craft fair on the weekend. We bought one of her fabulous chalkcloth rollups which has been a hit with both kids ever since:

I have met a handful of lovely local crafters now - in my more Virgo moments I am having dreams of a big (or small) Top End sewing convention thingy for those who sew and blog and sell stuff. A bit like Sew It Together. So we can get technical and talk geeky stuff like fold over elastic and echino furuya and stitch selection and other scintillating topics. Anyone keen?


  1. Hi Anna, sorry I missed you at the markets! Bianca mentioned th Darwin style Sew it Together and I think it sounds like a fantastic idea!

  2. So glad you and Bianca met!!!
    Good on you for gathering the northern crafters together for a stitch in. ACE idea!!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.
    Andi x

  3. Sorry I missed you too Mel - glad you like the DSIT idea - lets catch up when I'm back from holidays?
    Andi-looking forward to seeing you too :)