Friday, June 10, 2011


I am polishing off some customs today, having been given the day off from the usual Friday (school-kindy-shopping-kindypickup-cleaning-cooking-tantrum-lunch-schoolpickup-cleaning-cooking-tantrum(me)-shabbasdinner) by Mr mangolime ♥

So off to Bondi Beach (my old stomping ground) is this Figtree nappy wallet:

And, a bit more local, this little skirt and matching bobbles for the lovely Zakera. Happy Birthday!

This is the last of my Emily Bloom fabric. Would you believe me if I told you I found it at Spotlight? Tis true! If anyone knows where I can get more I would be so so happy!

I am really enjoying doing customs. I'm gonna go get started on an owl dress and some nappies and (drumroll...) an adult skirt! I am excited about this one and will reveal it soon. There will be a ministocking soon with all the leftovers from the showcase last week.

On a techy note, would it be useful to have tags on my blog posts? And if so, how does one do such a thing?

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