Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April stocking

I am just sneaking in this stocking in this month. And what a month it has been. Especially the last week! I was so so lucky to be asked to help my friend have her beautiful little baby boy last week, followed quickly by a 4 day camping trip in the cleansing bush to celebrate my little-now-big 7year old boy's birthday, and all the while I have been trying to get this stocking up!

So here it is. There is some new stuff. As there always is. Including some "fickle" pieces for those whojust can't decide which fabric they like the best (this is me. Most days.)

And then I got all enamoured with the idea of peek-a-boo caterpillar toys clutched in chubby little fingers and hiding in pockets:

Who could resist a retro owl like this? Bring on the ric rac I say:

And, of course, there are nappies. Some new prints, some classics. How cool are those viewfinders?

So, the details. The stocking will be on Saturday April 30th at 8pm Central Standard Time. If you have a life and still go out on Saturday nights, you will miss it. But you will be out, in the world, having fun, so that's fair. All stock can now be previewed on the mangolime site.

Don't forget I will also have some stock at the Firefly stocking on May 22nd, to be previewed a few days before.

And finally, I am sorry to say I have had to increase my poistage price to $6.30, in line with Australia Post's price increase. And while we're on the subject, this will be the last stocking with nappies at the current price of $30. They have been this price since I opened over 12 months ago, and with the rising costs of fabric I am afraid to say I will have to follow suit. As of the next stocking all nappies will be $35. So get in quick while you can!

Enough yukky talk about money. Let';s talk abotu customs. UI have decided to have a custom list open at all times. There will be a limit of 5 items on the list, so that I am only ever making 5 customs at a time. Once a custom is finished, I will announce a newslot. I will probably do this on my facebook page only.
(For those who aren't quite sure wtf I am talking about, a "custom" is where you order a nappy, dress, shorts etc etc and choose the fabric from my stash. I will make the size you need, and will use my standard designs. This means you don't have to try your luck at the stockings!)

Tired now, nighty night!

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