Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another custom

Ooh I'm churning them out this week! Have somehow worked out a way of doing bits and pieces with Arlo at my side. He won't work on his own projects like some kids will do when mum is sewing, he has to be right in there. And I mean RIGHT in there, with his head practically in the overlocker. But for the last few days he has been happy to hand me pins, and then put them back in the pin cushion (with a running commentary about red, gween and rello), and snip threads for me with the much-loved birdy scissors, and help change overlocker threads. It all works OK as long as I have projects at the almost finished stage.

So here is the latest custom - another birdy peasant dress but this time with elephant sleeves. I would never have thought of pairing these fabrics, but I like it. This one went to Breezy.

I love the back of this dress - the flock of birds flying off all pink and then all grey - maybe from dawn to dusk?

PS I am so embarrassed about all the spelling mistakes and typos in my last post. Me, an English teacher's daughter! My only excuse is that Arlo keeps picking the keys off the laptop and every time I put them back in they are still a bit wonky. Haven't had a functional "n" for works, but only if you bash it. Not nice.

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