Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have been doing lots of customs this week. I am quite liking it. Knowing exactly who you are making something for gives it a sense of love and identity, rather than sending your pieces off into the big world to bags themselves an owner. (Can you anthropomorphise fabric? Think I just did.)

Hmmm...maybe I'll do customs every month, as well as the regular stocking? What do you all think?

Anyway, here is a dress for Rhianna's little girl:

Peasant style, with flutter sleeves, size 1, with (if I may say so myself) gorgeous turquoise bias-bound armhole facings:

I do love these details.

These dresses (in sizes 0-3) cost between $32-$38 depending on the fabric, and a bit more for larger sizes.
And a skirt for Claire's little girl.

The back is cute too:

Claire scored this sweet size 1 linen skirt in my facebook page  giveaway for her wonderful ditty about why she loves mangolime (yes, I have no pride):

"Mangolime you are sublime, I love everything about your design. You're a Darwin chick, you're fully sick, where oh where do you find the time??"

Ah! Basking in the love. Basking.

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