Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foxy crafters

Yes things are definately looking up. Today I spent the whole day sewing my heart out. It was bliss. Yesterday I found myself in the company of 3 lovely, local, crafty, funny women, and by the end of coffee we had decided to get together regularly.

That's Bianca (her head actually does come with a top, its just that her 5 year old was our photographer), Kirsty, Nikki and me at the front, looking a bit wincy (5 year old photographer). Little Evie in the front and Arlo (note cast) in the back (he is wondering why he is not the photographer).

I am often struck with jealousy when I read blogs of crafty down-southeeners and their joyful mentions of this or that craft gathering, or this or that crafty bloggy friend who lives down the road and has just popped in for coffee and a show and tell, but I need be jealous no longer! This crew is ace! Not only talented, not only fabric addicted (only one addict can truly understand another), not ony juggling 13 kids between us, but completely generous with their skills and knowledge. Ah....its like coming home.


  1. It was the best morning I have had in ages!! Thanks so much for welcoming us into your home. I can not wait to do it again!!

    And where are the pictures of your sewing??!! xox

  2. Yay!!!! I'm so glad you've all found each other!!
    Now ... like Bianca said ... show us your sewing!!!
    Andi xx

  3. Yes - what did you do? I hope you made a start on your fancy quilt because I'm dying to see! :)

  4. My firsteverquilt is turning out so well I am loving it! Pics soon I promise. I am beginning to see the attraction of quilting (mostly using up all those scraps!). And the rest of the sewing was nappies and skirts for my next stocking so I'll put pics up in a few days for that.