Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheeky faces

My goodness its been a long, long time. I am finally coming out of a completely cursed interlude - involving cyclones, floods, power cuts, car crashes (my fault. minor.), crying on random stranger's shoulder in supermarket carpark (following car crash. so not me.) and general malaise. The absolute worst thing was Arlo broke his little 2 year old leg. It feels so horrible just to write that. It was the smallest, most everyday fall, from standing height, on to carpet. But there you go. Apparently "toddler fractures" are pretty common. he is the bravest, most cheerful, zen-like creature I have ever known - drags his fire-engine red cast around behind him in a bum-shuffle crawl and has not complained once. Not once. He is awe-inspiring.

I have decided that the cursedness is now finished. There shall be no more curses! Yesterday we went out and bought a new king sized bed and mattress. (King!!! Luxury!) I'm not sure why this signifies something but it does. My next stocking will be pretty soon, and I have a full day of sewing (without little helpful fingers) on Wednesday. And tomorrow I get to hang out with new blogland/IRL crafty friends which will be food for the soul I just know it. Happy now. Much much happier.

And I am now finally putting up some happy mangolimer photos from way back. This one is my sister-in-law's sister's son Sebastian modelling his mangolime t-shirt- does that make him my sort of nephew-in-law? I'm gonna claim him anyway as he is so so cute:

And this one is my newest little cousin Zac. He is a wakling (crawling?) advertisement for having 3 kids - we kept forgetting he was there when we stayed with our lovely cousins in Sydney. Of course with his beautiful smile he cannot stay uncuddled for long.



  1. Glad all the yuk is over.
    Yay for Arlo's zen!!
    Clucky? Watch out Mr Mangolime!!!!

  2. awwww, cute babies! no wonder you feel clucky. i'm also glad all that cursed business is gone. thanks for a great morning.


  3. Hi Andi - thanks for that. No real cluckiness - and now we have a king size bed I can't even find Mr Mangolime, he is so far away!!! Thanks to you Kirsty was lovely to meet you.