Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harnessing the Virgo within

I had the best day today - a day off from my real job (which I do love) to spend on my mangolime job. The wonder and glory of being able to create 9-5! Loved loved loved it.

I spent most of the day cleaning up though. I decided that only fabric that I love can stay, all other fabric, despite its inherent beauty, must go. So after a big destash on facebook, I am left with only my favourites. The ones that inspire me to create. The survivors have all been disciplined into mini-bolts, an excessively Virgo concept which I embrace entirely. If you'd like a how-to, check here. I need to blog these pics as I can't imagine my space will ever look like this again.

Isn't that a joy to behold! I may turn into a Nigella equivalent and rub my hands up and down the little shelves in pleasure.....(as she does in her pantry. I would do that too if I had a pantry. But that's another story.)

Wanna have a closer look?

There is some order to this. The top left shelf is designer cottons, and the one to the right of that is mostly home dec weight - Ikea and my all-time favourite Jessica Jones. Just looking at it makes me happy.

Some more designer cottons and then some of my upcycled vintage fabrics. More of these are on the line. Not quite sure where to put them....oh the trials.


But wait. There's more.

More Echino that is. And oh look! Space for even more Echino! How convenient....

Then there's all the solids (linen) and coordinates. To the right of this shelf is the outcast fabric that does not get the royal mini-bolt treatment, silently suffering in their daggy little piles. Poor things. There are other shelves with scraps and notions and patterns and drill and solid cottons, but they don't look like this soI'm not gonna show you. It'd tarnish the image. And we can't have that.

I have also put all my ribbons, self cover button stuff and bias binding in jars:

Shiny. Happy.

So overall it looks a little something like this:

Not quite A Room of One's Own, but good enough for me. And with this view how can I complain?

Thanks for indulging me.

I'm gonna go back to checking on Cyclone Yasi now and sending positive thoughts to the FNQers....


  1. I am incredibly jealous, what a lovely little set up you have, no wonder you make such beautiful wares

  2. Divine.
    Can't believe I missed that de-stash!!
    I'm now following Mangolime on FB.
    Next time, I'll be ready!!

  3. check you out lady!! absolutely weeping with jealousy...all that order, just so very beautiful xx

  4. Gorgeous! Where did you get your boards from?

  5. Thanks everyone - Justine I got the boards from ebay they are called "magazine boards archival" or something like that. I have more if you want some?
    In days of chaos and frustration it is enough just to look at this order and colour to feel calm, just for the nicest second!

  6. If you have spares, that would be fabulous as I really don't need 100! Feel free to email me or post a message to me on fb on how much you want for a few :)