Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Many happy returns

On Friday February 11th mangolime turns the ripe old age of 1. Yippee! What a year its been, lots of learning and experimenting and happiness feelings, as well as a dash of stress and juggling-overload. But it feels like so much a part of my life now that I can't imagine not doing it. If that makes sense.

Anyway, to celebrate.

I am going to do a sale of all the current stock in the store - everything that is now up in the shop can be previewed, but won't be on sale till Friday. The sale will last for 3 days, so if you buy anything in that time it will be 25% off. Happy Birthday!

I am also going to do a birthday giveaway/comp for one lucky fan on my facebook page, once we hit 300 fans. If you are already a fan, thanks for that, and can you tell your friends? If not, why not come and join us? If you absolutely hate facebook and refuse to join even though you love mangolime, I get it. Really I do. But maybe you have a friend on facebook who has no scruples (but a fabulous sense of style) and could join for you?

The giveaway will be one of my new skirts, which will also feature in my next stocking (coming up in a couple of weeks). Here is one of them being gloriously twirled by my little friend Audrey, who shared her farmland paradise with us on our recent holiday.

The blurry foot is as a result of ABBA dancing, much of which was done on this holiday. I never realised I knew all the words to Chiquitita.

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