Friday, March 25, 2011


The thing I love aboout sewing is how, even when you feel you are gettiung good at it, there is always, always, more things to learn. And things that once seemed so hard, so out of reach, a little later on down the track are suddenly totally do-able.

Like pockets.

(Aside: I hate clothes without pockets, and have you noticed how many dresses and skirts (aka women's clothes) are bereft of pockets? Surely its an anti-feminist plot to leave us without keys and money and thus totally dependent on men carrying such items in their ubiquitous pocketed clothing? Am I overstating things here?)

So, when I say pockets here I am not talking about your ordinary patch pockets (though I do love these too. Evidently:)

not even the super-sweet gathered pocket (which also has a secure place in my heart)

No. I am talking about Double Seam Inset Pockets (shall we call them DSIPs just to sound bureaucratic?), which when you first said out loud sounds way too technical for the likes of me, but is actually quickly mastered thanks to a wonderful tutorial by ikatbag.*
I am putting them into a custom skirt. (Excuse the unironed and obviously ufinished sewing)

This will eventually be a skirt with DSIPs:

These are really not hard to make. They are one of those sewing origami things for which you need some time away from the constant chatter of 3 year olds so you can just map it out in your head, and then you will be off and away. Trust me! Now I've got them down pat, I am thinking of all sorts of variations. Peeky out lining, bias bound pockets, the sky's the limit!

Am so in love with myself right now.

Off to put pockets on everything.

*If you are still interested in pockets after reading this post (well done), you may want to check out ikatbag's full series of pocket tutorials. Pure genius.


  1. hahaha! Fun post, Anna. and so you SHOULD be inlove with yourself...and your pockety goodness :)


  2. I thought the lack of female clothing pockets meant we could carry fabulous bags!!!
    But I digress, I think we're all a bit in love with you too. Your DSIPs look wonderful!!
    Andi xx

  3. Yes of course Andi - bags! how could i forget?