Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilt virgin

(If your name is Libby and you are my friend and you are reading my blog please stop reading at this point. I promise you, all will be revealed in time!)

Quilt virgin. That's me, Never made a quilt before. Never planned to. Always thought they were a bit....(apologies to all my funky quilting friends).....twee, in that lavendar-sachet sort of way. Not that there's anything wrong with a good lavender sachet mind you. Maybe minus the lace and .....OK better stop there methinks. Don't want to offend any super crafters.

I completely capitulate. I was wrong, Quilts can be cool. I have had a vision of a modern, bright, fresh, funky quilt in my head for a little while now, and now that my lovely friends Libby and Edward are expecting their second baby soon, and that we know this one is a boy, and that I am extra-privileged to be chosen as a birthing partner for them, I wanted to make the dream a reality. This usually ends in disaster for me. Perfectionist that I am in a messy body, the vision never quite matches up. But I think this one is gonna work.

Its gonna be a circle quilt, with a scrappy horizontal strip on the back. The colours are blue, green and orange, and feature all my favourites - Jessica Jones, Etsuko Furuya and (ahem) Ikea. The background material will be a white (or maybe off white) linen or linen blend. I'm gonna do a bit of hand stitching around the circles.

(I have to add that I am the lucky recipient of hand holding by mistress quilters Andi and Bianca, without whose words of wisdom and ecouragement I wouldn't even attempt to quilt.)

So here's a sneak peak of the strip for the back:

And circles for the front:

Have you ever made a quilt? Any tips for this here virgin would be much much appreciated!

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