Saturday, March 12, 2011


Finally, the January February March mangolime stocking is here. Not to be deterred by cyclones, car crashes, broken legs, 3 year old birthday parties (oy vey) or general malaise, mangolime is bringing you some lovely new stock!

The stocking will be on this Wednesday March 16th at 7.30pm (this is NT time - please find out what time this is for you in your state or territory). As always, stock can be previewed on the site up until this time, at which point it will go live and you can purchase it. There are nappies, dresses, shorts and my new skirts too.

Exclusive to facebook fans will be some custom spots - where you get to choose the fabric and size for your nappy, skirt, dress or shorts. These will be going up on the Thursday night - for details check the facebook page.

I hope you get what you are after!


  1. oooooh they look lovely there altogether Anna! have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks Kirsty. And thanks Jerry from Bare Rumps -(who makes uber gorgeous nappies herself!)