Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone's a winner baby

I distinctly remember the last time I won something. I was 8, and it was the school barbeque, and I won the raffle. The prize was this very weird contraption that was a futuristic (for then) pillow that you could plug into a tape recorder. The music or whatever was on the tape would then float into your head when you lay it down on the pillow. There was some strange suggestion on the box of plugging the pillow into a language tape and learning another language by osmosis in your sleep. More tempting than 6 years of French I can tell you. I gave it to my mum for mother's day, feeling extremely sophisticated. I'm not quite sure what happened to it, but I never did get to try the learn-a-language-in-your-sleep idea.

Haven't won anything since. Till today! I won a metre of this gorgeousity:

Thanks to the wonderful Earthgirl. YAY! Thank you! Always room for more Echino....

Now what do you think? Skirts? Dresses? Nappies?

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