Saturday, August 6, 2011


This skirt took me a lot longer to create than it should have. But in the end, I am glad. Because I love it. So much so that I had to make another one for myself. This one is for Melly.

In the process of making this skirt, I have perfected my double seam inset pockets (which, as you may already know, I am a strong advocate for), and have also managed to take my love of piping to a new level. Have I told you how much I love piping? I haven't? It is so much fun to make, and so easy. Perhaps a piping tutorial will be on the cards in the future. And I just love the finish it gives. Very 40's.

Rather than use piping on the hem I opted for a flat finish. I'm, not sure what this is called in sewing-speak, but its basically a piece of bias binding sewn down on the front side and ironed to the back so it peeps out at the front. Anyone know the proper term?

And then on the back, I did some applique. I love this goose. Something both cute and spooky about that profile, and the dangly legs.

The facing is from Jessica Jones fabric.

The magpie goose fabric is hand screen-printed by the women of Maningrida (an Aboriginal community in East Arnhem land). It is pricey, but so it should be. Stunning designs and colours and prints. Can't wait to get more of this.

I am getting more into making adult's skirts now, especially with these beautiful fabrics. The one I made for mum is still going strong:

And my last-minute conference skirt:

Ok. Time to get back to work and stop showing photos of champagne.

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