Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 little maids are we

There have been 3 little girls in my life turning 1 year old in the last couple of weeks. 3 little pairs of chubby legs toddling, 3 little fine haired touselled heads, 3 pairs of chubby silky cheeks. I am lucky to have these 3 little stars around me. Happy Birthdays to Amelie, Luka and Georgina.

For their birthdays I made each a kimono dress, adapted from this free pattern by the talented Amy Finlayson (of Habitual blog fame). As little A says, its "a bit fricky mummy" but that may be because I made my own bias binding and tinkered with the pattern a bit to make it into a dress and change the inside ties for snaps (better for little ones I think). I also added a contrasting piece of echino solid purple to the bottom of one, with decorativen topstitching.

I am loving making clothes so much that I am embarking on a whole new range for mangolime. Not these kimonos unfortunately, because you can't sell these from the pattern, but I am dreaming (literally that pathological?) of many other pieces of clothing in all my beautiful fabrics. Hmmm.....more to come.

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