Saturday, August 28, 2010

mango season

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging - its all been a whirlwind here of conferences, visitors, the Darwin festival, family, projects and the election I can't even bring myself to talk about....

And although we are sad to see the end of the Dry (and what a crappy Dry it was), and although we are dreading the build-up which seems to get worse every year (or is it just our tolerance declining?), we are oh so happy to see, touch, smell and gorge ourselves on this season's mangoes. Yum. Little A has a permanent orange stain around his mouth - looks a bit like Homer Simpson. Little J makes this groany sound as he tucks into a mango which is nothing but the 6 year old chime of pure pleasure.

It is both scary and exciting that Mr Mango and I are off to Singapore on Friday for a child-free weekend! I've never been to Singapore before. Don't suppose anyone knows of any fabric shops there (or any other recommendations)?

When I'm back I promise to fill you in on all the gaps - how I made a new skirt one night in utter desperation, doona covers for the twins, hopefully a Singapore stash, and the next mangolime stocking.

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