Sunday, August 1, 2010

new stocking

I am sorry to everyone waiting for the next stocking which I did promise would be at the end of July - obviously that didn't happen. I do have heaps ready to go but I also need to have a sumptiously stocked table at the Childbirth Education Association modern cloth nappy showcase next week - if you are in Darwin please come along - it will be very fun!

The stocking will be held in mid-August and it will be worth the wait I promise. The exact time and date will be announced here, on the mangolime facebook page and on the newsletter.


  1. PMSL. i think the boss is actually the one you are complaining about. at least he is cute though, and i bet he gives the best cuddles.

  2. cutest boss i've ever had, and his cuddles are lovely even if they are the cutting-off-airways variety.