Sunday, November 14, 2010

Feeling the love

There is a mother's group in Darwin where all (or almost all?) the babies are proud mangolime wearers. This group must be the nicest mother's group in Darwin, not just on account of the good taste of its members(obviously), but also because everyone I meet from this group just seems to be so ...well...nice! They did a photoshoot of all the bubs in their mangolime nappies a little while ago, and I've only just gotten around to posting it now. I cannot tell you how much happiness this photo brings me. How cool is this?

And the flipside...

Now if I was in the running for a mother's group, this would be my top pick. Thanks Tanya and Jackie ♥


  1. The photos are amazing! I recently went to a playgroup where I was pleased to discover two more mums using cloth nappies. But a whole mother's group would be much better.