Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Lately I've been getting in to making shorts - as well as nappies and dresses. They are linen blends with reversible cuffs from all my fave designers, with pockets and a high rise in the back to cover the cloth booty bums. I'll be stocking these and more later this month, for my last stocking of the year before we head off on our road/air/sea trip.

And today I'm finishing off a pair of ruffly shorts dsign for girls which, if I were only several decades younger, I would be keeping for myself. I love them. Will post pics later, depending on how tolerant Arlo is today with me.....(he should be super tolerant considering I slept on a 20cm sliver of bed last night after he crwaled into our bed following a nightmare (apparently it was about a "broken chair".... must have been terrifying.)

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