Monday, November 1, 2010

To custom or not to custom - that is the question.

One of the way I have managed to keep my life under control, and not to let mangolime swamp me completely, is to not do custom orders. For those who aren't sure, "customs" is basically where a customer orders the item (nappy, dress etc) that they want, from a selection of available materials. It is a great way of making sure some people get exactly what they want, but it also means that you are working under deadlines rather than producing what you choose, in the quantities you can and you when you can. Instead, I have opted for the "stockings" way - where I make however many nappies I can each month or so, and then its first in gets them. I figured this is a fair way to make sure everyone gets at least a chance to get a mangolime item, and also guarantees that I can remain semi-sane as I'm setting my own deadlines. (How's that working for me? Might need to ask the mangolime family for the answer to that one!)

But....I am always getting emails and requests for custom nappies, and this month I broke my 'no customs' rule and made a custom for someone, and then in the spirit of newness I opened up 3 custom slots on facebook which were snapped up quick as a wink. I think I will probably do this every now and then, as it is nice to meet someone's needs completely isn't it? I think at this stage I will do it through the facebook page only. (So if you're not a fan, maybe its time?!)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

In the meantime, here are the customs for this month which have gone out to Michelle, Kylie and Justine:

I have also opened up 3 custom slots on dresses which have not yet been snaffled, the details are here. May be cheeky for a Jewish girl to say so, but wouldn't these be great Christmas gifts?

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  1. Not sure how to answer your question.
    I think it's - like you said - rather dependent on the Mangolime family.
    But those dresses at the bottom (especially the orange one!!!!) are so gorgeous!
    Andi x