Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last mangolime stocking for the year!

Don't know about you, but I am ready for my the last mangolime stocking for 2010...and what a year it's been. I won't get all reflective on you now, will save that for mangolime's 1st birthday party in February 2011!

So this stocking has all your favourite nappies, as well as a couple of new dresses and the new line of shorts which I am loving making. So many ways to use all my beautiful fabric. Love it.

There's a few new nappy prints:

All items are now able to be previewed on the site, and will be able to be purchased from 7.30pm Central Standard time, so, for the chronologically challenged, that's:
  • 7.30 pm for NT
  • 9pm for NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tassie
  • 6pm for WA
  • 8.30pm  for SA
  • and 8pm for Queensland
  • (ahhh the madness of it all)
 After this stocking, and maybe, just maybe, some custom slots available through my facebook page only), mangolime is off on a loooong holiday, sashaying our way down the south east coast and across and down again and across the Tasman, playing with lovely old friends and family along the way. We so so need this holiday, I cannot tell you! We'll be back in January but then its all about school and work and cleaning up the Wet-season mould for a while so I can't imagine much sewing will happen till February. Will keep you posted. Hope your day is happy!

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